Dejan Podhraski, MSc
The Founder of the Real Options Consulting Ltd


As a specialist in Real Options and Public-Private Partnership he assists clients with the valuation of real options in infrastructure Public-Private Partnership projects, when public partners’ future obligations need to be calculated precisely. With his research in real options calculation methods in the case of governmental subsidies, he has ascertained the valuation discrepancy between the Monte Carlo simulation and the Geometrical Brownian motion as well as the reasons for it. This finding has a huge impact on capital budgeting decisions and is of extreme importance to public and private partners.

Dejan is also a cofounder and researcher at the Institute for Public-Private Partnership Slovenia, Europe, where he is responsible for the economic analyses and evaluations of Public-Private Partnership projects.

In last years he has worked for Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank d.d., Slovenia, as one of the few experts in a team that is responsible for the managing of the bad bank portfolio and with the mission to prepare the bank for sale in accordance with the agreement concluded between the Republic of Austria as the owner of the bank and the European Commission.

He is a lawyer (LLB) and has a master’s degree in economics (MSc).


At Real Options Consulting Ltd, we are merging real options and PPP.


Real Options Consulting Ltd is a company specialized in the valuation of risks and real options in infrastructure Public-Private Partnership projects.

We bring to our clients the best of theory and practice of Real Options and Public-Private Partnership with the purpose of creating the most suitable solutions for them.

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