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Sometimes real options are already incorporated in the project and they just need to be detected and evaluated. In other cases, real options are the product of negotiations between partners.

We help our clients to define real options in accordance with their best interest.



Real options can substantially enhance a project, but they need to be detected in the first place or carefully defined in negotiations and at the same time precisely calculated.

Our expertise in real option valuation techniques enables us accurately to evaluate a project and all its long-term financial consequence for our clients. Using ROA will give our clients a much clearer picture of their project in comparison with evaluations based on classical techniques like DCF Analysis, Decision Tree or Monte Carlo Simulation.



Huge infrastructural Public-Private Partnership projects are usually very risky for private partners. However, a precise calculation of respective project risks might reveal that they are dealing with a great opportunity that will grant them excellent value for money. On the other hand, public partners also run a huge risk when granting a subsidy to the project, as they need to know exactly what the future budgetary burden for a long-term concession period will be.

In both cases, our valuation techniques will provide our clients with the most accurate result, which will give them a significant advantage in negotiations with the other side.



Feasibility studies, investment documentation and other economic analyses are needed in order to demonstrate the economic feasibility and eligibility of a project. By conducting economic studies, where we successfully utilize our knowledge of Real Option Analysis (ROA) and classical valuation technics, we identify the most economically justified project option.

We provide feasibility studies, investment documentation and other needed economic elaborates in Public-Private Partnership projects.



The phase of negotiations is of extreme importance for both partners as this is the stage where they define their future and usually long-term relationship.

With our profound economic and legal background we successfully help our clients to negotiate effectively and to transfer their economic interest to legal language and to contracts.



Providing and funding services of general interest is one of the key issues in every socially oriented society. Providing non-economic services of general interest is not a subject to specific EU legislation, nor is it covered by internal market and competition rules. When discussing the funding of services of general economic interest in the EU, the collision between the rules of the prohibition of state aids, funding of services of general economic interest and/or Public-Private Partnerships is in many cases almost unavoidable. In many cases compensation for providing services of general economic interest does not represent state aid, or the compensation can be compatible with the EU law.

Providing the services of general interest, the general prohibition of state aids under the EU law, and public-private partnership are closely connected and related. We can help you define these relations and relevant rules.


At Real Options Consulting Ltd, we are merging real options and PPP.


Real Options Consulting Ltd is a company specialized in the valuation of risks and real options in infrastructure Public-Private Partnership projects.

We bring to our clients the best of theory and practice of Real Options and Public-Private Partnership with the purpose of creating the most suitable solutions for them.

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